Earn an extra income from your spare room and

Splash out this Summer!

As well as our standard 3 to 4 night stays, during July we are offering longer visits for greater earning potential

Earn money and make use of your spare room.

Whether you are retired, working or have a young family; hosting students is a rewarding experience that offers flexibility that fits around your work/family life.  If you live in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells and think you'd like to try hosting foreign students, sign up and we'll contact you.

Alternatively, you can click this button below and find out more information.

Host Families wanted for Summer July Groups in

Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells 

Welcome international students into your home and gain one of the most rewarding experiences.

We're always looking for new Host Families to work with us in making sure foreign students have a memorable and fun experience.  Students enjoy a family environment when they come to stay with us in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells during the Summer.

Depending on what your home has to offer, you can host up to 4 students, and you'll get paid for doing it! It's a great way to make use of your spare bedroom.

We have students arriving throughout the year.  Our Summer Stay Groups stay longer than our standard 3 to 4 night stays.  Summer Students stay up to 3 weeks: Our dates are:

  • 11th - 24th July 2020 in Tonbridge. 

  • 10th - 31st July in Tonbridge and           Tunbridge Wells. 


Make friends for life!

You'll meet students from all around the world.  Students can share the same room.

Students are out all day

Flexible earning potential working from home that fits around your

work / family life.

Great Earning Potential

Prompt Payments before students depart.  During July we are offering longer visits for grater earning potential.